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The new Halloween stuff is here… and I’ve got the secrets. Pretty much all the stuff from last year is there, except for the pipe organ and a candle lamp thingy. Heres the secrets:

Pipe Organ:


Candle Thingy:


And My New Igloo:



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  1. i already told you i know nommie, twice. listen, i found this site only by searching pazazoo on google, but your site rules! im just gonna say this 1 more time because im not sure if you got my other comments. ok this is the story anyway: my penguin name was lego4151. i was a member. i was friends with nommie. then i was banned forever. then i got a penguin named squd squd, who was a member. somehow, i found nommie at the dock. we met each other with our back up penguins, so if we were banned, we could find each other. his back up is foemy. then my brother decided it would be fun to ban squd squd forever. luckily, i found nommie with my back up penguin. my back up penguin is imcoolest973. it’s a really stupid name, i know. what do u mean he’s famous?

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