New Penguin

UTC 16, 2007 at 9:06 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 7 Comments

My friend gave me a new penguin. Whats even cooler than its age is that Twick gave me it. Me and Twick had a big fight and i blocked him but he forgave me and gave a new peng. How nice of him! Well the new pengs name is Odd022, he 398 days old today, and his oldest pin is the pirate flag. I made a pic:


Until then…

Eat pie, not cheese!

~ Odd



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  1. hey gold, nice peng. twick must be cool. wanna get together sometime?

  2. btw, if u wanna meet, im free all weekend. my penguin name is imcoolest973 .stupid name, i know, but after i got banned, it was the oldest penguin i had. cpst of course.

  3. ok how bout sunday at 5 or somethin i gotta see what plans i have but i will be there

  4. If i was just only 50-70 days older in cp i could have all that stuff!!! it depends when you posted this but today (11/20/07) i am 348

  5. awesome, i havent gone on in forever so i dunno how old he is rite now

  6. yo meet me on cp sometime?

  7. that is like, what my dream penguin would wear!! except the blue shoes not the bunny slippers, color orange not red, and maybe green sunglasses not 3d glasses

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