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UTC 26, 2007 at 12:37 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 4 Comments

Heres some new stuff: I found a picture of all the pins in order up to the flower when i was playing a mission. Heres a picture:



I’m so happy!! This is great, my dream come true. Since Billybob bans alot of people, he got a taste of his own medicine! Well, thats all.

Until next time…

Eat pie, not cheese!




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  1. ok, billybob has ALWAYS been banned forever, he isnt really banned forever they just say that so people cant log onto his account. You can only log into billybob through billybob’s computer
    Shady: You are just a padawan in the presence of a master. He is banned forever on HIS account! On HIS computer! HE can’t log on! Hes banned forever like me! Ha!

  2. No, you dont get it, Rockhopper is also banned but he still can log on. Billybob isnt banned all the moderators are banned they can only log onto their account with their I.P. address even email cp they just say that they made it like that so no one could hack them. And anyways, why would he ban himself? Or if another mod banned him he works there so he’d probobaly find out why and who banned him.

  3. No Disney an Cp banned him, go on his website, its:

    if u go to it there is a post that said he banned billybob forever. And he said that the Moderators let him. Oh and Disney An Cp is a moderator so thats how he could ban Billybob. So Billybob is really banned FOREVER!!! Dont believe me check the website yourself.

  4. well actually you can hack Rockhopper Ive done it back in my hacking days (6 months ago)

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