WINTER BREAK! (and some school stuff)

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Yahooo!!!!!! Winter Break is tommorow at my school! a half day tommorow  and then… i get to wake up late, go to bed late, and… CHRISTMAS! Oh i feel loopy. Me and my friends at school have our own “words” that we say way all the time. It used to be Crevace but some retared ppl keep saying it and we dont want them to so now we have new ones. here they are in order:

1. Chimichinga!

2. Eggs!

3. Jaaaaaaava!

4. Chinchilla!

yah you probly dont give a crap but i have changed so much since i last posted. middle school has changed me! im like loopy every day with my friends and i have alot more friends now. and im like doing so good with my grades.

i have like all A’s.

Heres my classes in order by periods:

1st: Mrs.Underhill: Math (advanced math like pre alegebra)

2nd Mr Aspnes: Reading

3rd: Mr. Carlson History

4th: Mrs Williamson Homeroom (best teacher ever)

5th: Mrs. Underhill Language Arts

6th:  Mrs Williamson Science

7th: Mrs Kryger P.E. on monday and wednesday/ Mrs cully on tuesday and thursday 9on friday it switches off


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