Cp Timeline

Here’s a time-line of cp and events:

2005 year:

October: Beta test party and Halloween party #1 (beta test hat)

December:Christmas party #1 (Santa hat,Christmas scarf)

2006 year

January: Winter Luau (Red Hawaiian lei)

February: St. Valentines day party (red sunglasses,bow-tie)

March:Pizza Party (pizza apron and pizza hat) St. Patrick’s day #1 (lucky hat)

April: April fools #1 (Red Propeller) Easter egg hunt #1 (pink bunny ears)

May:Mine party (Mining helmet)

June:Summer Party ( Blue lei,Water wings,yellow duck, Whistle)

July:West party (Bandanna)

August: Sports Party (Skates,blue and red face paint)

September: Lighthouse opening (Red toque and sailor’s T-shirt)

October; Rockhopper arrival #1 (eyepatch) 1 year CP (green-blue party hat)

Halloween party #2 (Wizard hat)

November: Member party #1 (Lime green colour and cape)

December: Rockhopper arrival#2 (red bandanna) Christmas party#2 (Santa hat and beard)

2007 year

January: Winter fiesta (maracas)

February Rockhopper arrival #3 (pirate belt) Festival of snow (Sonwflake T-shirt and Ice crown)

March: Rockhopper arrival #4 (Pirate boots,Sea monster background) St. Patrick #2 (lucky hat again) April fools day #2 (Blue propeller and funny face)

April:Easter egg hunt #2 (LOL! there was a lot of full servers for the blue bunny hat) Rockhopper arrival #6 (black bandanna with pirate flag) Pirate party (sailor hat)

May: Find the map quest (map to Cove) Member party #2 (whistle and life guard ring)

June: Summer Party #2 (Blue lei, Ice cream apron , Green duck, Green sunglasses, Flower headers) Rockhopper arrival #7 (Red bandanna… again.)

July: Cave window broken (mining helmet) Water party (umbrella hat and blue water wings) Rockhopper arrival #8 (fishing rod, map background)

August: Camping Party (marshmallow on a stick) Rockhopper arrival #9 (Stuffed parrot)



October 24: CP opens, puffles seen around,but not introduced.

November: Creature naming contest: The name is Puffle as we know. The winner had 5000 coins prize and 3 months free membership.

December: The term “Puffle” comes out for the first time and it’s used, Puffle Roundup comes out.


March 12: Pet shop opens. Members can buy 4 puffles, non-members-1 , Puffle play comes out.

June:Purple puffles appear misteryously…

August: Purple puffles are OK to buy in the pet shop and mission 1 launches with a purple puffle.

September: You can walk your puffle.

October: Rockhopper talks about Yarr and introducts the Red puffle, But he didn’t brought ‘em yet.

November: “Bath your puffle” is allowed. , G’s secret Mission appears and introducts the new Black puffle play-the burning.

Late November: Penguins can’t see other puffles names because some of them are bad.

December: Rockhopper brings the red puffle as a Christmas gift.


March 23: Puffle play extended.

May: Red puffle surfs with you in “Catchin waves”

Stay tuned…



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