Tips n’ Glitches

R2DP’s Glitches (the ones he found himself) (tooken from R2DP’s site, are glitches and cheats R2DP found out himself.

1. speed glitch

An easy glitch, all you have to do is click the place you want to walk and press ET it will make you fart and make you go faster.

2. game speed glitch

if you turn lime green and press the + button on your keyboard things seem to go faster on cart surfer or catching waves or any game.

3. stand on the railing thingy at the cove

Hold down tab and click the binoculars then click over to the left.

4. puffles walking on walls

take a puffle for a walk, then stand left of a wall


5. Walk with the map or newspaper up:

Click on a game and pull up your map/newspaper then, when it says Would you like to play ____? say no And then click somewhere on the screen and you are walking with the map/news up!


FIRST go to the mountain then join a game and pull up your map once it starts wait 4 seconds and go to the town then hold tab and go all the way to the left or right side of the town (around that arrow sign) then just click the coffee shop door and if you are on the right click the gift shop door its simple!

7. another walk on walls glitch-watch the movie

9. Moonwalking without using hacks

1. go to ice rink

2. click FAR AWAY FROM YOUR PENGUIN! but not away from ur screen. and click as fast as u can and keep clicking

It’s sorta like moonwalking. I don’t think it shows up on other’s screens.


Other Glitches (also tooken from R2DPS site cause im toolazy to do it myself):

to stand on the speaker in the nightclub go to the mountain, click the bunnyhill, then pull up your map and once game starts, wait 4 seconds and go to town then to the night club. then hold Tab and click the speaker really fast.


This is a glitch i that lets u stand on the tree at the dock!

1: again, go to the mountain

2:click the bunnyhill then quick pull up your map

3:once you start then wait 4 seconds and go to the dock

4:hold down Tab and click really fast on the tree

5:Have fun you should be on the tree!


weird glitches

Theese are the EASIEST glitches just

 follow my 5 steps and you can do this odd glitch

1.Log in to cp

2.Go to a game like Cartsurfer or jetpack on the game entrance thingy will ask you if you want to play say “no”

5.move your mouse to anothor part of the game entrance and lay your mouse there

it looks pretty odd this glitch I figured out but this is so easy but it can be fun!


Fireplace glitch!!!

put your fireplace on the wall and it stays there!


How to nub:

1: go to .

2: press F11.

3:click the white space under your chat-bar.

4:Nubbing! have fun!


Here is how to newsdance:

1:pull up your buddy list and a player card  and make the screen small by pulling the left/right side of your internet window then drag the buddy list and player card way down.


2:Open up the news.

3: click one of your buddies on your buddy list

4: click the mail button send a letter


NOTE: I don’t think this appears on other people’s screens

NEW SPEED GLITCH (may not work on some computers)

tired of your slow computer making your penguin walk ssslllooowwwlllyyy?I discovored this cheat on my own not from pink mafias or paintboy100 or anybody.

sorry what I had posted earlier was something that was hard to preform but the new way to speed up your peng is simply click somewhere then press ET on your keyboard it will make your penguin fart but it will speed him up.

have fun! you should be zipping across the screen!

good news guys I just discovered a new glitch! it’s awesome cause it will alow you to get a lot of coins easily without hacking. it’s called the cart surfer glitch it may only work on some computers

here is what you do,

1.go to the mine

2.Turn lime green lime green is the fastest

3.THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART!!! hit the +/= button located 2 keys to the right of the zero button on your keyboard cartsurfer and you go fast so you can earn money quickly PS. you may need a little bit of accuracy to do this but if it is too fast then just don’t wear the color lime green

ok I’ve desided to put a couple more glitches up here that i’ve been keeping to myself MY FAVORITE GLITCH IS THIS ONE: WALK WITH THE NEWSPAPER

here is how to do it:

1.go to the ski lodge/book room and join a game of mancala/find 4 but click yes twice quick

2.if your penguin moves away from the first mancala/find 4 game the join another mancala/find 4 game. the newspaper dance (but don’t dance)

4.go to the town/ski village (depending on which game you played) and go streight back to the room you were in from the ski lodge/town

5.walk. NOTE: you can’t see this on your screen only others can and if you go into a different room you won’t still be walking with the news .And last people that come into the book room/ski lodge  after you preformed this glitch won’t see it only the people that were already in the room.

sadly “green commander of” does not work any more but type “I SAW A MONSTER IN A (what ever word you want)” in only capitol letters then walk and see what happens

4 people on the bunny hill: well you join the ridge run and when it says “would you like to join this game?” click yes twice fastly and if your penguin walks away then click the bunny hill and join. Then wait until the game starts and then you have 4 people on the bunnyhill.

 the next glitch goes along with the last 1 to ALWAYS win on the bunnyhill go all the way to the right side when racing then back up left 2 spaces to the left

another sled racing glitch: sled on nothing!!! a boring glitch but kind of funny all you have to do is join a sled racing game and minimize and maximize over and over really fastly

how to sit forward: well not really a glitch but not many people know how to do this

1.face the way you want to sit S on your keyboard

how to catch the big fish (mullet) in ice fishing:

catch 60 fish the when a couple more fish swim by catch them BUT DON’T TAKE IT OUT OF THE WATER instead when the mullet comes hold out the fish and let it eat it.

Astro barrier cheat: play astro barrier and at the beginning right after you click yes to joining the game hit 1, 2 or 3 1 takes you to level 10 2 takes you to 20 and 3 takes you to 30

The astro barrier secret levels: after level 10 wait about 30 seconds and a blue ship will apear shoot the blue ship the secret levels are easy.

How to do 2 special dances at a time (another favorite glich 8) )

put on a special dance clothe item then close your player card then pull up your player card up again and put on a different special clothe on but don’t x out your player card instead click on another penguin and their player card will pop up then close it but notice you don’t have the special clothe on that you just put on. Then dance and see what happens.(WEIRD!!)

wall items on the floor or floor items on the wall:

open up the box of furniture and find a wall item that is a couple rows down to the floor then double click it and it might stay on the floor same thing with the floor items find a floor item that in storage is on the top row double click it then check out if it stays.

 editing other people’s igloos:

way 1. click the tape measurer at your igloo and without closing the tape measurer pull up your spy phone (if you are a secret agent) and go to the HQ then pull up your map and go to a member igloo and you can edit other igloos lol

last is puffles without names:

when you buy a puffle name hold down spacebar and then click ok

ok guys this is one I have been keeping a secret but I don’t use it anymore ’cause this one really is cheating free stuff:

You must have two computers.

computer 1. log on to the account you want free stuff on but stay on the country select.

computer 2. log on to that same penguin on another computer but this time log on fully to a server (yet still having the penguin on computer 1. on the country select)

computer 2 again. buy as much things as you want (but don’t log off)

computer 1. then from the country select go to a different server than you were on the other computer and it will say “can’t connect to server” (this is normal) then when you log back on you will have your coins and your item.

Ice cream glitch:

if you have the ice cream apron from the summer party and you havve the newspaper hat (AKA the icecream hat) put on the newspaper hat and the ice cream apron and dance

puffles walking on walls:

you can’t walk on walls but.. puffles can! another of my own findings

just take your puffle on a walk on go right next to the left side of a wall


R2DP i take no credit for this, this was your work and i give you full credit! Thanks for the glitches R2DP!!!!!



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  1. r2dpenguin i met u before

  2. pretty cool. but, still, r2 penguin`s glitches are copywrite, I read on his site. duh, of course they are! anyway,… never mind.

  3. yo dude the always win on bunny hill let me win but i fell twice

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