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I just found out today that the people who take pics for cp are hackers!!!! See look at this pic:


No editor in the world could be that good at covering up that name!!! They would have to use like CP Trainer 2 where you can have no name!

Stay tuned! (new phrase) (AGAIN)




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  1. ummm i hate to rain on your parade gold but they arent hackers. The mods of clubpenguin take those pictures and they take of the name. its not hacking. They can make it so they have no name so people cant see who took the picture. at least i think so.
    Oh so you think so? well hear this: what if your thinking is just dreaming and im rite???? Your not sure so you cant say that they do that

  2. They just paste the image to paint or whatever and they paint their name with the backround color or whatever they are in… So their name doesnt see

  3. yea but they couldnt make it that accurate! i mean, thats like not even edited… you cant do that on paint!

  4. well maybe they use paintshop?

  5. they could just edit it doesn’t mean its a hack

  6. Why? why I cant do that? I can do it!

  7. They can do that because they are the developers of Club Penguin so they can do it perfect!

  8. Yeah, Alexkurty and R2DP is right. It’s possible to do that anyways….and there isn’t a hack from CP Trainer 2 that says ‘Remove Name’…
    You used to be my ally in CPSR but it’s quitted…no offense but you’re becoming sorta stupid in CP!

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