Here you can Comment with ideas for the site and i will see if i want them



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  1. an ask pepsichugger page. JK! :lol:. you could copy some of my pics as long as you put Copyright of The Chuggas and my website:

  2. ok thanx and i might do the ask thing, dut not askpepsi it might be ask R2DP or ask Gold er smthin, but thanx for the idea!!!

  3. ASK GOLD AND NICERICE! oh wait we could be GOLDRICE thats it!

  4. go to my website

  5. bring bastetball hoops back and clubpenguin will love you

  6. ok i will add the page

  7. hey gold angels!!!
    i like ur site!!! its pretty funny
    also if you copy and paste my glitches off of thechuggas site its totally fine with me just say “courtesy of star7223” or something… keep your penguin waddling!!!
    luv star

  8. i have a idea how about a Star Wars production at the stage and if you equip a gun and throw a snowball it will be a blasterbullet!

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